Our horses

Vanja and Frökna are North Swedish horses, a strong and healthy breed well suited to our cold, Nordic climate. In winter, the horses handle rugged, snowy terrain, in summer, they traverse the forest terrain without a problem. Experience the natural environment on horseback or from one of our carriages/sleighs. The village roads and the beautiful surrounding forest change with the seasons. In summer, we have light and midnight sun, in winter, a starlit, snowy landscape, sometimes further illuminated by the northern lights dancing in the sky.
Enjoy an amazing equestrian experience in the Swedish countryside. Horseback riding is 300 SEK/hour and a carriage/sleigh ride is 950 SEK/hour. Book in advance by sending an email to helene@jossgarden.se. For children, we have two cute little ponies, Moa and Gloria.

Horse and carriage rides

Our North Swedish horses, Vanja and Frökna can draw carriages. Our carriages have two benches behind the driver, with seating for a maximum of 5 people, perfect for a family tour. We offer carriage rides including a hamper of fika (snacks, pastries and beverages), contact us for a booking tailored to your requests. In winter, we offer lovely two hour sleigh rides through the forest, an exciting evening outing with our North Swedish horses. Enjoy a sleigh ride with jingling bells, whilst sitting comfortably on soft reindeer pelts. The driver will take you into the forest in the Swedish countryside. When skies are clear you can often experience the northern lights, glistening stars and moonlight. We will warm up by the fire, drink coffee from wooden cups and enjoy a meal together. The activity takes two hours, food and drink included, bookable online. 995 SEK/adult, 500 SEK/child.

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